If you’re seeking guidance in team integration and digital transformation,
I'm here to assist you!

After leading and establishing businesses across multiple continents, I now offer business development consulting services, executive mentoring, and leadership development for companies worldwide.

I have a long international career to my credit, including years of residence in Japan (Tokyo), the USA (Philadelphia, Colorado Springs, Boston), Germany (Rastatt, Flensburg), and Australia (Brisbane), as an expert in health informatics and information and communication technologies. I am fluent in French, German, and Japanese (and Alsacian, of course!), and my experience in France has always been in connection with my former countries of residence, where I continue to travel regularly.

During these years abroad, I created or participated in corporate setups, I managed subsidiaries and launched products in various international markets.

The different sectors in which I worked were construction (original school and diplomas), information technology (hardware, software, Internet consulting and development), healthcare (primarily medical devices), and personal development (Leadership and management). I am also very active as a volunteer in associations for which I create and write blogs and newsletters.

Being from Alsace is an integral part of my career; I share the love of my region with all my professional contacts, always integrating a part of Alsace in my projects. If according to my friends I’m an American by adoption, Japan is my other homeland, where I performed one of my greatest achievements, the development and marketing of the first life simulation software that allowed me to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Finally when I say I love the diversity of international culture, my wife’s charm is partly due to a blend of Slavic and Lorraine heritage and my immediate and adopted children, as well as my godchildren, have Japanese, Italian, and North African backgrounds! While at home, after a Pancake breakfast, we typically eat Tsaziki as appetizer, Rigatoni alla Calabrese as ‘primo’, Katsukaré for main dish, Paški cheese with Mlinci to contrast with the kougelhopf ice cream we have for dessert, all cheered up with a Karchweg Riesling from the Cleebourg cellar (Wissembourg, Alsace) as an aperitif, a Nero d’Avola from Vasari (Santa Lucia del Mela, Sicily) with the meal and a bold Manotsuru sake from Obata Shuzo (Niigata, Japan) to enjoy dessert…
I hope I’ve whet your appetite!