Looking for coaching and motivation for leaders

Coaching & Facilitation

I have facilitated workshops and coached individual entrepreneur for over 15 years, both on strategy execution and leadership, for small and large companies.

With certifications in coaching and individual development, and having directed small and medium companies and business units, I can help leaders define and achieve better goals while motivating their teams.

Looking forward to market your service or product abroad?

International Business

I have worked in international settings during my entire career, setting up companies, subsidiaries and distributors in countries such as Japan, Germany, France and the US.

I fluently speak the language of each of these countries, have lived their and know very well their culture, giving me a lead over others. And helping me in better understand the cultural difference of their needs.

Do you want to explore the world with pleasure?


I have accompanied groups and individuals for work, pleasure, and adventure worldwide, always ensuring suspense, good times, good food, and a carefree return.

I have explored over a hundred countries, speak five languages, and gibberish a few others, and with several million miles in the air, I love the world, those who live in it, and the fabulous scenery that makes it up.

Want to create a product or enhance your corporate image?

Marketing & Design

I have designed several products, from software to fountain pens and tableware, adapting my creation to its cultural environment with originality and style.

I create products using technologies such as 3D software and computer. My world culture always gives an interesting twist to my creations and make them stand out of the crowded design flock of others.

Want to put the Internet at work for your company?

Internet Technologies

I have created and developed websolutions and websites for the past 30 years, for both business to business and business to consumer needs, for small and large companies.

I managed projects using state of the art project management methodology, and having designed and developed application myself, I understand the bells and whistles of successfully delivering a solution.